Domain Name Transfer – Transferring your domain from another provider

Domain Transfer Prerequisites

Prior to requesting a domain name transfer from your current provider there are several prerequisites that must be met before your current registrar will process your request to transfer your domain to a new registrar.  These requirements are precautions and security measures required by the registration authorities.

1.     Prior to submitting your domain transfer request, please verify the accuracy of the information listed in your WHOIS Database record for your domain.


2.     To accept and receive the proper authorization and security codes, you must be listed as the Administrative Contact under the domain’s WHOIS record.


3.     As the Administrative Contact for the domain, you should have access to the email address listed as the point-of-contact in the WHOIS Database.  Most registrars will send a confirmation email to this address for verification.


4.     The domain name MUST be older than 60 days.  Registrars are unable to transfer domain names unless they have been registered for more than 60 days.


5.     Ensure your domain is not in a Registrar-Lock or Hold status.  Some registrars automatically place your domain in a locked status for security purposes.  Contact your registrar to remove the domain’s lock status prior to transfer.  Or if you have access to the domain’s management console, remove the lock status from your domain prior to transfer.


6.     Verify your domain is currently active and not expired.  We recommend transferring domains prior to the 14-day expiration date.  All transferring domains that are non-expired will receive an automatic 1-year renewal at the time of transfer extending their expiration date.

All .com, .net, .org, .info, .us and .biz top-level-domains (TLD) require a security authorization code (EPP Key) before any gaining or losing registrar may attempt to transfer the domain.  You may obtain an EPP Key by contacting your current registrar.  The EPP Key is generally delivered by confirmation email to the listed Administrative Contact’s email address listed in the WHOIS Database for your domain’s record.

To access the information listed in the WHOIS Database for your domain you must have modification rights to the domain or be listed as an Administrative Contact, Billing Contact or Technical Contact before you can update your domain’s listed information.  Please contact your current registrar’s support department if you require assistance updating your WHOIS record or contact information.

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