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Ticket Submission Suggestions

Please help us to help you by being as detailed as possible when submitting a ticket. By providing better information it helps us resolve your issue in a faster and more effective manner. Here are some tips:

   * Please describe your issue in detail in clear English.
   * Please define which service you are experiencing difficulty with. (cPanel, SSH, Software Install, VPS, etc.)
   * Please include any on-screen error messages that occur or log files that define the issue.
   * If no error message is available, please provide a screenshot illustrating your problem.
   * Please describe how to reproduce the issue or error.
   * Please describe any previous troubleshooting efforts that have been made to resolve the issue.
   * Please state when the problem began and what changes have been made immediately prior.

Please Note: All tickets are responded to in the order that they have been received based upon last activity. The 'bumping' of tickets will only delay our response. Please do not open multiple tickets for the same issue or one ticket for multiple issues. While we endeavor to respond promptly, please be mindful that we may be contacting third parties on your behalf for further information which may result in a delay of response.